Monday, May 24, 2010

Yet another reminder of why I avoid being friends with other women...

Tonight I was reminded yet again of why 99.9% of my friends are male. Cause girls are NUTS.

Some months ago, my former best friend & I tried rekindling our friendship. It ended in 07 over her finding out that I dated her ex for like a week back in 2001. They were broken up at the time, and he & I got along really well so we got together. Yes, it was a bad idea & I felt so horrible about it that I broke it off after a week even though I really liked him. She found out 6 years later & flipped out. All of a sudden I'm a mega-whore & the worst human being in the world. She literally told EVERYONE who would listen all about it. Added little twists to the story, like how I plotted to steal him the whole time & how I tried to break them up. Haha, NO. I tried to keep them TOGETHER. I was the one that both of them called whenever they'd fight & I was the one who sorted out their damn problems & tried to get them to STFU & get along. She turned all our friends against me, including people I knew before she even joined our circle of friends. It didn't matter that one, no- TWO of her friends had dated one of MY long-term boyfriends, oh no, or that she herself had had a romantic relationship with one of my BFs(and she never bothered to tell me about it when he tried to hit on her when he & I were still together!). *I'M* the slut because she had KIDS with the guy. Oh, you didn't know that if a guy knocks you up that means he's yours forever even when you break up? Yeah, I must have missed that memo too. Oh, won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?! Screw you guys, fuck the children. I apologized out the ass, but it did no good. De-friend.

Anyway, a few months ago she messaged me on facebook, saying she wanted to be friends again. I was like 'cool!'. RE-friend. So we try to be friends again & all seemed to be going well. Until the other day, when I made the grievous mistake of friending some random dude on Facebook, one of her friends from her profile, simply because he seemed pretty cool. Had NO idea that they were secret fuckbuddies, and that adding him was going to stir up ALL THIS BULLSHIT & result in her deleting me & spreading a bunch of lies about me to all our friends yet again. Apparently this guy emailed her to brag that I friended him, so of course she assumed I was out to 'steal' him. Um, no, he honestly just seemed nice! De-friend again.

According to the hysterical rant that one of our mutual friends posted on MY profile tonight- I had a partial birth abortion at 5 months even though I'm a right wing anti-abortion nutjob(not true- I've never had a PBA, I'm an Independent, & I'm pro-choice),and I specifically go after married men. Yeah, I did sleep with a married man once. BEFORE I FOUND OUT ABOUT HIS F*CKING WIFE!!!!!

With friends like these, who the hell needs enemies? At least my enemies are up front with me, they don't smile at my face & then talk shit behind my damn back. Good riddance, you catty bitches.

GUYS have never done this to me. GUYS have never schemed and gossiped behind my back. GUYS don't dwell on shit from 9 goddamn years ago & still talk about it like it was yesterday & never forgive me for ONE SINGLE STUPID ASS MISTAKE THAT I'VE APOLOGIZED FOR A MILLION TIMES EVEN THOUGH THEY & THEIR WHORE FRIENDS DID THE SAME FUCKING SHIT TO ME.

No offense to any girls who read this who are NOT bitchy, 2-faced cunts. If you're one of the few girls on this planet who's actually NOT completely fucking crazy, then I salute you.


  1. Awesome rant. I have very few female friends IRL due to this problem. I haven't had this problem... but there are so many problems associated with girls and gossip that I don't need to have gone through this to know how frustrating it is.

  2. lol. I totally feel the SAME WAY! Girls are f-ing nuts and boys (due very much to their biological animal type instinct) are a lot more sane and infinitely easier to deal with. No scheming or plotting or f-ing up your life. Not just for fun anyway. So sorry this happened to you! There ARE sane girls out there! I know- I'm one! xD